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Viewie HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner

Viewie HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner

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Easy, Precise Earwax Removal without getting Hurting

Viewie HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner is the perfect solution for a quick, easy, and accurate earwax cleaning. With the combination of the otoscope lid and silicone soft pick, you can effectively remove earwax in one simple step. With HD camera, provides an 1080P clear visualisation of the ear canal, so you can be sure that the job is done right! Invest today for a hassle-free ear cleaning experience.

Uncovering the Outcomes of Authentic Viewie HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner Users

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"I've seen this around and I wanted to use this on my partner. His ears are typically gross and it's be fun to see what's inside. It's easy to use and comes with attachments and even a tool kit. It's not overly pricey and it is easy to use with super clear view" -Helen D.

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"This device is so helpful in seeing things from a different point of view! The camera view can be very clear when you are at the right distance, not too close. Also super useful to check on other parts of myself! Great self care tool." -Sally H.

Experience Unrivalled Cleanliness with this Innovative Ear Cleaning Product!

  • Earwax Removal without Hassle 
    No more getting hurt or wasting tons of cotton buds to clean your ears! With Viewie HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner, you can now remove earwax accurately with live ear canal inspection.   
  • 1080P HD Ear Canal Insight 
    Equipped with 30FPS high quality camera captures 1080P HD resolution screening, allow users to have a clear insight of ear canal live.
  •  Adjustable LED Light
    Designed with 6 Levels of LED light, allow users to inspect the deepest area of ears.
  • Premium Material 
    Came with 2 detachable and changeable tips to clean after use. Made from high quality medical grade aluminium for durable and washable, long term hygienic use. 
  • Safety Guarantee 
    Allow full view of ear canal under control, no more digging inside of ears in blind. Guarantee 100% safe satisfying experience. 
  • Multipurpose 
    Use Viewie to inspect anywhere! From your ears, skin pores to scalp. Viewie get your body care all covered! 
  • Wide Compatibility 
    Compatible with all devices, get clean and broadcast anywhere, anytime!

Benefits of Thoroughly Cleaned Ear Canal 

  • Better appearance, avoid embarrassment
  • Effective infection prevention 
  • Improve hearing quality 
  • Color: Black/ Silver
  • Material: 30FPS Camera, Medical Grade Aluminium
  • Net Weight: 82g 
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