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Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler

Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler

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Say goodbye to short or straight lashes with the Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler, an easy-to-use design perfect for those with short or straight lashes

"I have tried several electronic lash curlers, and the Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler stands out best. With fast heating and a user-friendly design, it's a breeze to use and maintain. The color change indicator is a helpful touch, making it very easy to use. The results are impressive, providing long-lasting curl and lift. I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase!"

-Michelle Lowe, San Fransico, CA

"Eyelash curlers were a challenge for me, and I stopped using them due to issues like crimping and lash loss. However, the Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler has been a revelation. This tool works like a small curling iron for your lashes but is much safer and easier to use. It provides fast and effective curling with a natural-looking curl and without lash loss!"

-Savanah James, Cleveland, OH

"The Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler has completely transformed how I curl my lashes. Before, I was never able to achieve the results I wanted, but this curler has made it so easy even a beginner like myself can use it with ease. Its user-friendly design gives my lashes a natural, complete, and curly look. It's worth every penny spent and is a fantastic product!"

-Constance Smith, Orlando, MG

Product features :

Two temperature control levels

The Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler is designed to accommodate your unique lash needs, regardless of whether you have short and thin lashes or long and thick fringe. It features 2 temperature modes, both of which are adjustable to suit your requirements. The green light, representing low temperature (65°C), is suitable for short, thin, and soft eyelashes. The blue light, representing high temperature (85°C), is ideal for thicker and longer lashes.

Fast heating & easy to use

The electric eyelash curler heats up rapidly with a preheat time of 30 seconds, allowing you to style and curl your lashes in under a minute, making it an excellent option for quick touch-ups on the go! Its design is safe and user-friendly, fitting the shape of the eye and generating just enough heat to prevent any burning, pinching, or discomfort to your eyelashes and eye area.

Convenient USB charging method

This electronic eyelash curler is designed with a Type-C port, allowing it to be charged using a USB connection. The advantage of this is that once fully charged, the device will have a battery life that lasts for a substantial amount of time, so you won't have to worry about keeping a supply of batteries on hand, even when you're on the go. The rechargeable feature offers added convenience, ensuring that you always have a working curler available, no matter where you are.

Long-lasting curls

The innovative design of this device allows it to heat up fully in just a few seconds, making it possible to achieve a long-lasting lifting effect and complete naturally curly lashes with minimal time and effort.

A great addition to your makeup kit

If you're disappointed with the results from using thick, clumpy mascaras and manual eyelash curlers that don't provide the natural look and lift you want, consider trying the Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler.

How to use:

  • To activate and warm up the electric hot eyelash curler, hold down the switch for 1.5 seconds. After approximately 30 seconds, the device will be ready to use, indicated by the white silicone chuck.
  • Achieve a long-lasting curl by using a soft clamp.
  • To enhance the thickness and curliness, pair it with mascara.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Fabulash™ Electronic Lash Curler
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